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Is the quality and disposition of receiving and treating guests with warmth, cordiality, geniality and friendliness.
To the Ancient Greeks hospitality was a divine right.
The host was expected to make sure the needs of his guests were seen to.
The Ancient Greek term "xenia" or "Theoxenia" when a god was involved, expressed this ritualized guest-friendship relation.
In Greek society a person's ability to abide the laws to hospitality determined nobility and social standing.

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Special Offers

If you are a company of 6 to 8 persons, we would suggest you booking the OSTRIA, ROZA and ROZAKI Suites, which cover a whole complex level, or If you are a company of 10 to 12 persons, we would suggest you booking the whole IKASTIKIES complex.

For more information please contact with our reservation department.
*** The offers apply for over 3 nights stay.